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TTHULDEN, Theodor van(1606-1669)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
TIARINI, Alessandro(1577-1668)BaroqueItalian painter (Bologna)
TIBALDI, Pellegrino(1527-1596)MannerismItalian painter (Rome)
TIECK, Christian Friedrich(1776-1851)NeoclassicismGerman sculptor (Berlin)
TIELING, Lodewijk(active 1695-1700)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
TIELIUS, Johannes(c. 1660-1719)BaroqueDutch painter (London)
TIEPOLO, Giovanni Battista(1696-1770)RococoItalian painter (Venice)
TIEPOLO, Giovanni Domenico(1727-1804)RococoItalian painter (Venice)
TIEPOLO, Lorenzo(1736-1776)RococoItalian painter (Venice)
TIFFANY, Louis Comfort(1848-1933)ImpressionismAmerican glass painter (New York)
TILBORGH, Gillis van(c. 1625-c.1678)BaroqueFlemish painter (Brussels)
TILIUS, Jan (see TIELIUS, Johannes)(c. 1660-1719)BaroqueDutch painter (London)
TILLEMANS, Peter(c. 1684-1734)RococoEnglish painter
TILLOT, Charles Victor(1825-1895)RealismFrench painter (Paris)
TIMOTEO DA URBINO (see VITI, Timoteo)(1469-1523)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Urbino)
TINO DI CAMAINO(c. 1285-c. 1337)MedievalItalian sculptor
TINTORE, Simone del(1630-1708)BaroqueItalian painter (Lucca)
TINTORETTO(1518-1594)MannerismItalian painter (Venice)
TINTORETTO, Domenico (see ROBUSTI, Domenico)(1560-1635)MannerismItalian painter (Venice)
TINTORETTO, Marietta (see ROBUSTI, Marietta)(c. 1554-c. 1590)MannerismItalian painter (Venice)
TIROL, Hans(c. 1505-c. 1575)MannerismGerman painter (Prague)
TISCHBEIN, Johann Friedrich August(1750-1812)NeoclassicismGerman painter (Leipzig)
TISCHBEIN, Johann Heinrich the Elder(1722-1789)BaroqueGerman painter (Kassel)
TISCHBEIN, Johann Heinrich the Younger(1742-1808)RococoGerman painter (Kassel)
TISCHBEIN, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm(1751-1829)NeoclassicismGerman painter (Naples)
TISI, Benvenuto (see GAROFALO)(1476-1559)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Ferrara)
TISSOT, James(1836-1902)RealismFrench painter
TITIAN (see TIZIANO Vecellio)(1490-1576)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Venice)
TITO, Santi di(1536-1602)MannerismItalian painter (Florence)
TITO, Tiberio di(1578-1637)MannerismItalian painter (Florence)
TIVOLI, Serafino de(1826-1892)RealismItalian painter
TIZIANO Vecellio(1490-1576)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Venice)
TOCQUÉ, Louis(1696-1772)BaroqueFrench painter
TODESCHINI, Il (see CIPPER, Giacomo Francesco)(1664-1736)BaroqueAustrian painter (Milan)
TOEPUT, Lodewijk(c. 1550-c. 1605)MannerismFlemish painter (Italy)
TOLSTOY, Fyodor Petrovich(1783-1873)NeoclassicismRussian sculptor (St. Petersburg)
TOMA, Gioacchino(1836-1891)RealismItalian painter (Naples)
TOMÉ, Narciso(1694-1742)BaroqueSpanish architect (Toledo)
TOMMASI, Adolfo(1851-1933)ImpressionismItalian painter (Florence)
TOMMASO DA MODENA(c. 1325-1379)MedievalItalian painter (Modena)
TOORENVLIET, Jacob(1640-1719)BaroqueDutch painter (Leiden)
TOOROP, Jan(1858-1928)ImpressionismDutch painter
TÖPFFER, Adam-Wolfgang(1766-1847)RomanticismSwiss painter (Geneva)
TOPINO, Bartolino (see TALPA, Bartolo)(active c. 1495)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor (Mantua)
TORBIDO, Francesco(c. 1482-c. 1561)High RenaissanceItalian painter
TORELLI, Felice(1667-1748)BaroqueItalian painter (Bologna)
TORELLI, Matteo di Filippo(1365-1442)Early RenaissanceItalian illuminator (Florence)
TORELLI, Stefano(1712-1784)BaroqueItalian painter
TORNYAI, János(1869-1936)RealismHungarian painter
TORRENTIUS, Johannes(1589-1644)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
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