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LL'ADMIRAL, Jan(1699-1773)BaroqueDutch graphic artist (Amsterdam)
L'ESTIN, Jacques de(1597-1661)BaroqueFrench painter (Troyes)
L'Orme, Philibert de (see DELORME, Philibert)(c. 1515-1570)Northern RenaissanceFrench architect
LA FOSSE, Charles de(1636-1716)BaroqueFrench painter
LA HIRE, Laurent de(1606-1656)BaroqueFrench painter
LA HYRE, Laurent de (see LA HIRE, Laurent de)(1606-1656)BaroqueFrench painter
LA THANGUE, Henry Herbert(1859-1929)ImpressionismEnglish painter
LA TOUR, Georges de(1593-1652)BaroqueFrench painter
LA TOUR, Maurice Quentin de(1704-1788)BaroqueFrench painter
LABILLE-GUIARD, Adélaide(1749-1803)RococoFrench painter (Paris)
LABILLE-GUIARD, Adélaide(1749-1803)RococoFrench painter (Paris)
LABRUZZI, Carlo(1748-1817)NeoclassicismItalian graphic artist
LACROIX, Charles-François(c. 1700-1782)BaroqueFrench painter (Rome)
LACROIX, Roger (see VANDERCRUSE, Roger)(1728-1799)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
LAER, Pieter van(1592/95-1642)BaroqueDutch painter (Rome)
LAFRERI, Antonio(c. 1512-1577)High RenaissanceFrench graphic artist (Rome)
LAFRÉRY, Antoine (see LAFRERI, Antonio)(c. 1512-1577)High RenaissanceFrench graphic artist (Rome)
LAGNIET, Jacques(1620–1672)BaroqueFrench graphic artist (Paris)
LAGRENÉE, Jean-Jacques(1739-1821)RococoFrench painter
LAGRENÉE, Louis-Jean-François(1724-1805)RococoFrench painter
LAIRESSE, Gérard de(1641-1711)BaroqueDutch painter (The Hague)
LAJOUE, Jacques de(1686-1761)BaroqueFrench painter (Paris)
LALLEMAND, Georges (see LALLEMANT, Georges)(1575/76-1636)BaroqueFrench painter
LALLEMAND, Jean-Baptiste(1716-1803)BaroqueFrench painter
LALLEMANT, Georges(1575/76-1636)BaroqueFrench painter
LAMA, Giulia(1681-1747)BaroqueItalian painter (Venice)
LAMBERT, George(c. 1700-1765)BaroqueEnglish painter (London)
LAMBERTI, Niccolò di Piero(1370-1451)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor (Florence)
LAMBERTI, Piero di Niccolò(c. 1393-1435)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor (Venice)
LAMPI, Johann Baptist I(1751-1830)RococoAustrian painter
LAMPI, Johann Baptist II(1775-1837)NeoclassicismAustrian painter
LAMPSONIUS, Dominicus(1532-1599)MannerismFlemish graphic artist
LANCRET, Nicolas(1690-1743)BaroqueFrench painter
LANDI, Gaspare(1756-1830)NeoclassicismItalian painter
LANDINI, Jacopo (see JACOPO del CASENTINO)(c. 1297-c. 1349)MedievalItalian painter (Florence)
LANDINI, Taddeo(c. 1550-1596)MannerismItalian sculptor
LANDSEER, Sir Edwin Henry(1802-1873)RomanticismEnglish painter (London)
LANE, Fitz Hugh(1804-1865)RealismAmerican painter
LANEUVILLE, Jean-Louis(1748-1826)NeoclassicismFrench painter (Paris)
LANFRANCO, Giovanni(1582-1647)BaroqueItalian painter (Rome)
LANGETTI, Giovanni Battista(1635-1676)BaroqueItalian painter (Venice)
LANGLOIS, Jérôme-Martin(1779-1838)NeoclassicismFrench painter (Paris)
LANINO, Bernardino(c. 1512-after 1581)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Vercelli)
LANQUETIN, Gilbert (see BERTHOUD, Paul-François)(1870-1939)RealismFrench sculptor (Paris)
LANZANI, Polidoro (see POLIDORO DA LANCIANO)(c. 1515-1565)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Venice)
LAPITO, Louis-Auguste(1803-1874)RealismFrench painter
LAPORTE, George Henry(1799-1873)RomanticismGerman painter (London)
LARCIANI, Giovanni di Lorenzo(1484-1527)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Florence)
LARGILLIÈRE, Nicolas de(1656-1746)BaroqueFrench painter
LARGILLIERRE, Nicolas de (see LARGILLIÈRE, Nicolas de)(1656-1746)BaroqueFrench painter
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