(b. 1423, Castagno, d. 1457, Firenze)

Famous Persons Cycle (reconstruction)

c. 1450
Villa Carducci, Legnaia

The picture shows a digital reconstruction by Lew Minter of the Famous Men and Women fresco cycle originally in the loggia of the Villa Carducci, Legnaia. The width of the loggia is approximately 15,5 m. The figures from he left are: Eve, Madonna and Child (over the door, largely lost), Adam (largely lost), Pippo Spano, Farinata degli Uberti, Niccolò Acciaioli, Cumaean Sibyl, Queen Esther, Queen Tomyris, Dante, Petrarch. The third Florentine literary figure in the cycle, Boccaccio, next to Petrarch, is not shown in this reconstruction. The nine figures from the long wall have been detached and exhibited in the Uffizi, while the frescoes representing Adam and Eve and the Virgin and Child on one end wall of the loggia remain in poor condition in the villa.