BOTH, Andries
(b. ca. 1612, Utrecht, d. 1641, Venice)


Dutch painter who, according to Sandrart, worked together with his brother Jan (c. 1618-1652). Andries painted the figures in Jan's landscapes. However, no joint works are known which can be recognized as having figures by Andries, and it is difficult to date any of Jan's landscapes before 1641. Signed works as the Boors Carousing (1634, Utrecht) or the Card Players (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) shows as Andries as a painter of Bambocciate in a style closer to Brouwer than to his brother's idyllic landscapes. The brothers were in Italy in 1635 and 1639-41. Andries was drowned in Venice: he fell into a canal on his way home from a party.