(b. 1782, Wien, d. 1860, Wien)


Austrian architect. He primarily employed the contemporary style of Neoclassical architecture, moving to the Biedermeier style in his later oeuvre.

In Vienna, Kornhäusel was neither an architect of the court, nor was he otherwise graced with an official commission. His clients were members of the aristocracy, religious congregations and the aspiring bourgeoisie. Today, his tenements buildings are the clearest evidence of Vienna's growth prior to the construction of the Ringstrasse. They are an impressive synthesis of compact masses with flat wall surfaces and monumental Neoclassical elements - though it is his interiors that create the most striking impressions. He made up for the restraint in the design of his façades by lavishly furnishing his interiors.

Kornhäusel was court architect to Johann I Joseph, Prince of Liechtenstein, for whom he had built palaces, theaters and garden pavilions.