(b. ca. 1459, Firenze, d. 1537, Firenze)


Florentine painter. He was a fellow pupil of Leonardo in Verrocchio's workshop and he seems to have stayed there until Verrocchio's death in 1488, managing the painting side of his master's varied business. He was a very fine craftsman, but his style was lacking in individuality.

His early work is in an extremely prosaic version of Leonardo's youthful style. Later he absorbed some of the ideas of the High Renaissance (Adoration of the Shepherds in the Uffizi), and some of his paintings recalls Fra Bartolommeo. He had several pupils and seems to have had a fairly successful career with his solid, unspectacular skills. It is said that influenced by the teachings of Savonarola in 1497 he destroyed all his pictures with profane subjects.