MELONE, Altobello
(b. ca. 1485, Cremona, d. ca. 1543, Cremona)


Italian painter. The formation of the artist, based on the culture of Ferrara at the end of the fifteenth century, had subsequently drawn some of its characteristics from the Venetian circles in which Giorgione and Dürer prevailed. This milieu had also a remarkable influence on the Ferrarese Mazzolino, whose analogies with Melone have been stressed.

In Cremona, Melone encountered the old Girolamo Romanino. In 1516 he was commissioned to fresco the Cathedral of Cremona, work which continued till 1518. His contract required that his frescoes be more beautiful than his predecessor, Boccaccio Boccaccino. He worked alongside with Giovanni Francesco Bembo.