(b. 1599, Beveren-Was, d. 1663, Torino)


Flemish painter, born in the vicinity of Antwerp, but he was in Rome by 1636. There he became friendly with Bamboccio, and most of his pictures are scenes of low life - Bambocciate. He did, however, paint frescoes in Roman churches and palaces, such as the Crossing of the Red Sea (1656, Quirinal) and S. Lambert (S.M. dell' Anima; sketch in Cambridge, Fitzwilliam), as well as briefly collaborating with Sacchi (1641-43). He also painted figures for Claude's landscapes. In 1658 he was made Court Painter at Turin, where he died. There are works in the Royal Collection, Windsor, and in Birmingham, Bologna, Edinburgh, Grenoble, London , Northampton and elsewhere.