MONTAGNA, Bartolomeo
(b. ca. 1450, Orzinuovi, Brescia, d. 1523, Vicenza)


Bartolomeo Montagna (actually Bartolomeo Cincani), Italian painter from the Brescia region. His initial training was presumably under Domenico Morone in Verona. He had a distinct Venetian influence, probably in Giovanni Bellini's studio. He may also have adopted the Mantegnesque severity. His occasional obsession with detail is reminiscent of Carpaccio. He was active in Venice (Scuola di San Marco) and in Verona, mainly however in Vicenza. Powerful use of colour (zinc plating), symmetrical picture composition, and marked light-dark contrasts are his distinguishing characteristics. The Friulian School (Pellegrino and Pordenone) is indebted to him. Benedetto Montagna, a productive engraver, was his son and pupil.