PALAMEDESZ., Palamedes
(b. 1607, London, d. 1638, Delft)


Palamedes Palamedesz. (Stevaerts, Stevens), Dutch painter, the younger brother and pupil of Anthonie Palamedesz. He was a specialist of military encampments and battle scenes.

He was born in London, where his father, a gem cutter, was in the service of King James I. The family had come from Delft. After the family returned to Delft, Palamedes joined the Guild of Saint Luke in 1627. Although he was short, hunchbacked, and ugly, he married the daughter of a wealthy Delft family in 1630. The couple had four children. In 1631 Palamedes is recorded in Antwerp, where he was portrayed by Van Dyck. He died in Delft and was buried there.

His calvary battles are related to the work of the Haarlem painter Esaias van de Velde.