STORCK, Jacobus
(b. 1641, Amsterdam, d. 1688, Amsterdam)


Painter, member of a family of Dutch painters. No paintings are known by the Amsterdam painter Jan Jansz. Sturck, who later changed his name to Sturckenburch, but he had three sons, all painters, who used the name Sturckenburch until c. 1688, later calling themselves Storck or Sturck. There are no surviving works by the eldest son, Johannes (c. 1630-1673). Abraham Storck, the youngest, was the best known of the three artists. He was a versatile artist, renowned for his marine paintings, topographical views and Italianate harbour scenes. His brother Jacobus Storck painted similar subjects, but his works are fewer and less accomplished. Both brothers' pictures are mainly of a modest size and painted on canvas more often than on panel.

Jacobus, whose slighter talent was already noticed by Houbraken, may have worked in the studio of his younger brother Abraham Storck. Only a few paintings can be attributed to him with certainty (e.g. the Castle on a River, London, Wallace Collection). They are competently painted in bright and sparkling colours, and his work, though undistinguished, has a quiet charm.