SUSINI, Antonio
(b. before 1580, Firenze, d. 1624, Firenze)


Italian sculptor, member of a family of sculptors and bronze-founders, and one of Giambologna's most important assistants. He specialized in the production of bronze statuettes, many of which were reproductions either of antique statues or of Giambologna's original designs, but he also produced work on his own account. He appears to have been active in Giambologna's Borgo Pinti workshop by 1580, where he remained until 1600, at which point he set up his own studio in the Via de' Pilastri. Giambologna gave Antonio a considerable number of his own working models, and the latter continued to cast statuettes from these long after Giambologna's death, which has complicated the attributional problems associated with the production of Giambologna's workshop.