(active 1317, Siena, d. 1339/49, Siena)


Italian painter, also known as Ugolino da Siena. He was probably a pupil of Duccio and perhaps his most faithful follower. He is documented in Siena from 1317 to 1327 and appears to have been an important artist with a successful workshop. None of the documents mentions works of art, however, and it has proved difficult to reconstruct his career. His principal surviving documented work, a polyptych from Santa Croce, Florence, dating from 1325-30, is now dispersed.

Ugolino was influenced not just by Giotto, but by other Sienese artists following in Duccio's footsteps, such as Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti. Both of these were linked to the papal court at Avignon, where the Italian style mixed with French Gothic.