ZAKHAROV, Andreyan Dmitriyevich
(b. 1761, St. Petersburg, d. 1811, St. Petersburg)


Russian architect, representative of the Empire style. His designs also alternated Neoclassicism with Eclecticism.

Zakharov was a member of a family that was employed by the Admiralty board, and his greatest work was his renovation and expansion of the Admiralty building in St. Petersburg. He studied in the Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts from 1767 to 1782 with Alexander Kokorinov and Ivan Starov, and afterwards in Paris from 1782 to 1786 with Jean Chalgrin. In 1794 he became a full Academician at the Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts.

In addition to the Admiralty building he constructed several buildings in Gatchina and other towns neighbouring St. Petersburg.