(b. ca. 1366, Firenze, d. 1441, Firenze)


Italian painter and illuminator. In 1394 he was among the pupils of Agnolo Gaddi working on the decoration of the chapel of the Sacro Cingolo in Prato Cathedral. In the same year he joined the Compagnia dei Pittori in Florence, and between 1386 and 1408 he appears to have been a member of the Arte dei Medici e Speziali there. From 1402 to 1438 he is mentioned at regular and frequent intervals in the account books of Santa Maria Nuova, for which he executed numerous commissions and from which he rented the house he shared with his brother, Giovanni di Fruosino, a sculptor and perhaps also a painter. In 1411 he was commissioned to paint a Crucifix for Santa Maria Nuova, Florence (Accademia, Florence).

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