(b. ca. 1478, Perugia, d. 1566, Perugia)


Italian painter. He worked in both Umbria and the Marches. He was trained in Perugia in the workshop of Ludovico d'Agnolo Mattioli. From 1502 he is documented in Sanseverino, where he took over the workshop of Lorenzo d'Alessandro di Sanseverino. He stayed in Sanseverino until 1521 and then moved to Perugia, where he set up a workshop with Marino d'Antonio Samminuzi. During his stay in Sanseverino he traveled extensively through Umbria and the Marches, developing his style within the artistic boundaries and possibilities of the two regions. His paintings show particularly elements of the work of Carlo Crivelli, whose panels Bernardino must have studied closely.

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