(active in Florence, d. 1589)


Italian cartographer and Olivetan friar, active in Florence in the second half of the 16th century. In 1576, he was called upon by Grand Duke Francesco I to fill the post of Grand Ducal Cosmographer, which had remained vacant since the departure of Egnatio Danti from Florence. Francesco I charged him with completing the Map Room of the Palazzo Vecchio, according to the project conceived by Danti with Cosimo I, which planned the realisation of 52 geographical maps of the whole world painted on the compartments of the cupboards. In 1584 Buonsignori published a semiperspectival map of Florence, and drew the two chorographies of the Dominio fiorentino and the Dominio senese which he later ordered to be painted as frescoes on the Sala delle Matematiche of the Uffizi a few years later in 1589.

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