(active 1340s in Siena)


Naddo (also Nardo) Ceccarelli was a Late Gothic Italian painter belonging to the Sienese school. Due to lack of historical or written sources, little is known of his life and work. Knowledge of his existence is based solely on two paintings signed by him, one of which is dated 1347, one year before the devastating plague. His signature also provides information concerning his origin in Siena.

Ceccarelli is considered as a direct successor of Simone Martini, one of the grand masters of the Siena School. In 1339 Ceccarelli appears to have accompanied him to the Papal Court in Avignon. Following the death of Simone, Ceccarelli may have returned to Siena. He remained true to the Sienese painting tradition and its representatives Duccio and Simone Martini, whose soft linear painting style he continued.

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