IBI, Sinibaldo
(b. ca. 1475, Perugia, d. ca. 1550, Perugia)


Italian painter. He initially showed great promise, closely following the style of his masters Perugino, Raphael and Bernardino Pinturicchio, but the individuality and quality of his work progressively diminished. In 1496, with Berto di Giovanni (c. 1475-c. 1529), Eusebio da San Giorgio (c. 1465-after 1540), Lattanzio di Giovanni (d. 1534) and Lodovico di Angelo (1481-1522), he took a year's lease on a workshop near the Porta Eburnea in Perugia.

In 1504 he executed a church banner dedicated to St Ubaldo for Gubbio Cathedral (Museo Civico e Pinacoteca Comunale, Gubbio). In 1507 he painted a panel in Gubbio Cathedral for Girolamo and Maddalena Bentivoglio, depicting the Virgin between SS Sebastian and Ubaldo. In 1509, commissioned by a lay confraternity, he executed another church banner depicting the Madonna of Mercy (private collection). This banner, which strongly reflects the influence of Timoteo Viti, is generally regarded as his best work.

Ibi often collaborated with other members of the Perugia school of painting: from 1508 to 1510 he and Berto di Giovanni painted a Virgin and Child with Saints for S Agostino, Perugia. In 1512 he is recorded as treasurer of the painters' guild of Perugia, an office he held again in 1523, 1535, 1540 and finally in 1548. He often appears as an assessor of works by his contemporaries, and in 1514 he and Fiorenzo di Lorenzo (c. 1445-c. 1525) helped to resolve a dispute involving Eusebio da San Giorgio.

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