(active 1485-1509 in the Veneto)


Italian painter, active in Vittorio Veneto, Feltre and Belluno. He worked in many churches in Belluno in a style strongly influenced by Alvise Vivarini.

He was active in a number of cities in the Veneto, including Serravalle, Belluno and Feltre. The earliest work that can be securely attributed to the artist is a signed, bust length Madonna and Child, dated 1485 (private collection) A year earlier, in 1484, Nicolò Trevisan, Bishop of Ceneda, endowed an altar for the cathedral at Ceneda for which Jacopo executed the Madonna and Child with Sts Sebastian and Anthony and Bishop Nicolò Trevisan, which therefore likely slightly predates the Madonna and Child.

Jacopo most likely trained in the Venetian workshop of Bartolomeo and Alvise Vivarini and his work remained indebted to their distinctive style throughout his career. His important paintings are an Altarpiece (Parish Church, Porcen, Seren del Grappa), Madonna with Child (Museo civico Luigi Bailo, Treviso), Madonna Adoring the Child (Museo Correr, Venice), Christ Salvator Mundi (Accademia Carrara, Bergamo), Blessing Christ (Palazzo Pamphili, Rome).

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