(b. ca. 1440, Nürnberg, d. 1513, Nürnberg)


German printer, born to an established Nuremberg family of bakers. In 1470 he married Ursula Ingram and after her death he remarried another member of the Nuremberg patriciate, Margarete Holzschuher, in 1491. In all he fathered twenty-five children, of whom thirteen survived to adulthood.

He established in 1470 the first printing house in Nuremberg in which he printed the Nuremberg Chronicle, a landmark of incunabula. His print shop absorbed its rivals over the years to become a large enterprise, with twenty-four presses in operation, printing numerous works simultaneously and employing at its height 100 workers: printers, typesetters, typefounders, illuminators, and the like. He became a successful bookseller of works from other printers.

His printing house operated after his death until 1526.

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