(b. ca. 1570, Weilheim, d. 1634, München)


German sculptor, decorator, painter and architect. In 1584 he was apprenticed to Hubert Gerhard, who worked for the court at Munich of William V, Duke of Bavaria (reg 1579-98), where Krumper's father, a wood-carver, was also employed. During his apprenticeship Krumper worked on the new wings of the Residenz built round the Grottenhof, and probably also on the over life-size terracotta figures made in Gerhard's workshop for the Michaelskirche, Munich.

In 1590 he was awarded a one-year scholarship to be spent in Italy, but no further details concerning this are known. Two years later he married a daughter of the court painter Friedrich Sustris. From 1594 Krumper received a fixed salary from the court, but, after William V's abdication in 1598, he was only able to work for him in a private capacity. Not until 1609 was Krumper made a member of the court household of William's successor, Maximilian I, Duke of Bavaria (reg 1597-1651).

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