LOMBARDI, Giovanni Domenico
(b. 1682, Lucca, d. 1751, Lucca)


Italian painter in Lucca. He studied first with Giovanni Marracci (1637-1704) in Lucca, and then was in Lombardy and later in Venice. He returned to Lucca in 1706 and married Maria Caterina Domenici. They had four children.

In 1707 he completed his first fresco, The Assumption of the Virgin, in the apse of the church of Gallicano, in the Lucca area. His first commissions of great importance were frescoes for a chapel in San Romano, Lucca, in 1714. He continued the local tradition of Pietro Paolini and executed many frescoes in the churches in Lucca, and worked also in Rome. He worked for the aristocracy in Lucca.

Lombardi was much appreciated in the nineteenth century, his significance, however, was later declined.

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