(b. ca. 1480, Ulm, d. ca. 1529, Schwaz)


German painter. Hans Maler often signed his name Hans Maler zu Schwaz, from his home of Schwaz in the city of Tyrol, Austria. This was near the capital city of Innsbruck, where the Habsburg Court reined, under Ferdinand I (1503-1564), Archduke and later Holy Roman Emperor. Ferdinand I was a major patron of Maler, as was the wealthy merchant family, the Fuggers.

Maler possibly received training in the School of Ulm under the German painter, Bartholomäus Zeitblom (1450-1519). His first known portrait work is a 1510 portrait of Mary of Burgundy, wife of The Emperor Maximilian I.

His best works are portraits, with subjects generally appearing in bust-format, hands not shown, before a blue background that lightens towards the base.

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