MOCHI, Francesco
(b. 1580, Montevarchi, d. 1654, Roma)


Italian sculptor, strongly influenced by Florentine styles, who worked in Florence, Orvieto, Rome and Piacenza. He collaborated with Camillo Mariani at San Bernardo alle Terme in Rome. He failed to consolidate his reputation in Rome, and his employment by the Farnese family meant that he passed many of the years between 1612 and 1629 in their fiefdom of Piacenza. When he returned to Rome in 1629, Mochi was effectively marginalized by Gianlorenzo Bernini.

Among numerous equestrian statues are that of Alessandro Farnese and Ranuccio Farnese at Piacenza. His religious works include the Annunciation group in Orvieto Cathedral (called the first Baroque sculpture) and St Veronica in St Peter's, Rome.

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