ROSSELLI, Bernardo di Stefano
(b. ca. 1450, Firenze, d. ca. 1526, Firenze)


Italian painter, cousin of the more famous Cosimo Rosselli. He formed his career in the workshop of Neri di Bicci and his paintings bear the influence, not only of his Florentine master, but also of Filippo Lippi and Jacopo del Sellaio.

Between 1488 and 1490 he was among the artists commissioned to decorate the Sala dei Signori in the Palazzo dei Priori in Florence. In 1499 it is documented that he was paid for an altar in San Pancrazio.

There are classical reminiscences in some of his works suggesting a possible trip to Rome. His typical composition is the Madonna and Child in a landscape, often with an architectural device at right.

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