SARAZIN, Jacques
(b. 1588, Noyon, d. 1660, Paris)


The leading French sculptor of the mid-17th century. He was in Rome 1610-c. 1627, during which time he formed his style on the example of antique and classicising artists such as Domenichino and Duquesnoy. On his return to Paris he established himself as head of his profession, running an important workshop through which passed many of the leading sculptors of the following generation (those who worked at Versailles).

Much of Sarazin's best work was done as architectural decoration, the finest example being his caryatids (1641) on the Pavillon de l'Horloge at the Louvre. Sarazin also supervised the decoration (1652-60) of the Château de Maisons, the masterpiece of François Mansart, the greatest French architect of the 17th century. Although it does not rank on the same level, Sarazin's dignified work forms a kind of sculptural parallel to the architecture of Mansart or the paintings of Poussin.

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