(b. 1635, Antwerpen, d. 1711, Antwerpen)


Flemish painter and tapestry designer. He became a master in the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke in 1655 and was active there until 1660. He went to Italy, Lyon and Paris where he worked for the French king Louis XIV for whom he painted landscapes. These landscapes were influenced by Salvator Rosa and Paul Bril. He was back in Antwerp in 1666.

Pieter Spierinckx is known for his landscape paintings and the designs he made for the tapestry workshops in Brussels and Oudenaarde. His Italianising landscapes show similarity to the works of Claude Lorrain, particularly in the luminosity of his countryside scenes. The staffage in his landscapes was regularly the work of specialist painters such as Peter Ykens. The cartoons he made for the tapestry workshops were often a collaborative effort with other artists such as Lodewijk van Schoor and Peter Ykens.

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