TOMÉ, Narciso
(b. 1694, Toro, d. 1742, Toledo)


Spanish architect, sculptor and painter. He came from a family of architects and sculptors, which included his father Antonio Tomé (1664-1730) and his two brothers, Andrés Tomé (1688-1761) and Diego Tomé (1696-1732). The family was active in Castile at the beginning of the 18th century; they are first recorded in 1715 as sculptors of the portal of the Universidad de Valladolid, in which a giant order, crowned with statues, dominates the plain façade. The Tomé family was called to Toledo in 1720 to work on the Transparente of the 13th-century cathedral; Narciso appears to have designed the work before his departure on 6 June 1721, when the contract for its execution was issued. He returned to Toledo on 27 October 1721 and was appointed Maestro Mayor of the cathedral. Work was completed by 9 June 1732, when the altar was consecrated.

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