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SSÉROUX D'AGINCOURT, Jean-Baptiste(1730-1814)RococoFrench graphic artist (Rome)
SÉROUX D'AGINCOURT, Jean-Baptiste (see SÉROUX D'AGINCOURT, Jean-Baptiste)(1730-1814)RococoFrench graphic artist (Rome)
SÉRUSIER, Paul(1864-1927)ImpressionismFrench painter
SØDRING, Frederik Hansen(1809-1862)RomanticismDanish painter
SAARINEN, Eliel(1873-1950)Art NouveauFinnish architect (Helsinki)
SABATELLI, Luigi(1772-1850)NeoclassicismItalian painter
SABATINI, Francesco(1721-1797)NeoclassicismItalian architect (Madrid)
SABATINI, Lorenzo(c. 1520-1576)MannerismItalian painter (Bologna)
SABLET, Jacques Henri(1749-1803)NeoclassicismSwiss painter
SABLET, Jean-François(1745-1819)NeoclassicismSwiss painter
SACCHETTI, Giovanni Battista(1690-1764)BaroqueItalian architect (Madrid)
SACCHI, Andrea(1599-1661)BaroqueItalian painter (Rome)
SACCHIS, Giovanni Antonio de (see PORDENONE)(c. 1484-1539)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Venice)
SADELER, Aegidius II(1570-1629)MannerismFlemish graphic artist
SADELER, Jan I(1550-1600)MannerismFlemish graphic artist
SADELER, Raphael I(c. 1560-c. 1628)MannerismFlemish graphic artist
SAENREDAM, Jan(c. 1565-1607)MannerismNetherlandish graphic artist
SAENREDAM, Pieter Jansz(1597-1665)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
SAFONT, Marc(1385-1458)MedievalCatalan architect (Barcelona)
SAFTLEVEN, Cornelis(1607-1681)BaroqueDutch painter (Rotterdam)
SAFTLEVEN, Herman(1609-1685)BaroqueDutch painter (Rotterdam)
SAGOT, Émile(1805-1888)RomanticismFrench graphic artist (Dijon)
SAGRERA, Guillem(c. 1380-1456)MedievalSpanish architect
SAGRESTANI, Giovanni Camillo(1660-1731)BaroqueItalian painter (Florence)
SAINT-AUBIN, Charles-Germain de(1721-1786)RococoFrench graphic artist (Paris)
SAINT-AUBIN, Gabriel de(1724-1780)RococoFrench painter (Paris)
SAINT-EVRE, Gillot(1791-1858) RomanticismFrench painter (Paris)
SAINT-GAUDENS, Augustus(1848-1907)RealismAmerican sculptor
SAINT-IGNY, Jean de(c. 1595-c. 1649)BaroqueFrench graphic artist (Paris)
SAINT-JEAN, Simon(1808-1860)RomanticismFrench painter (Lyon)
SAINT-QUENTIN, Jacques-Philip-Joseph de(1738-after 1776)RococoFrench painter
SAINTENOY, Paul(1862-1952)Art NouveauBelgian architect (Brussels)
SAIVE, Jan Baptist I(c. 1540-1624)MannerismFlemish painter
SAIVE, Jan Baptist II(1597-c. 1641)BaroqueFlemish painter
SALÒ, Pietro di Lorenzo da(active 1535-c. 1562)High RenaissanceItalian sculptor (Venice)
SALIBA, Antonio de(c. 1466-c. 1535)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Messina)
SALIMBENI, Lorenzo(1374-c. 1420)MedievalItalian painter (San Severino)
SALIMBENI, Lorenzo di Alessandro (see LORENZO DI ALESSANDRO DA SANSEVERINO)(documented 1468-1503)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Marches)
SALIMBENI, Ventura(1568-1613)BaroqueItalian painter (Siena)
SALINI, Tommaso(1575-1625)BaroqueItalian painter (Rome)
SALLAERT, Anthonis(1580/90-1650)BaroqueFlemish painter (Brussels)
SALLARTS, Anthonis (see SALLAERT, Anthonis)(1580/90-1650)BaroqueFlemish painter (Brussels)
SALMON, Robert(c. 1775-c. 1848) RomanticismAmerican painter
SALTINI, Pietro(1839-1908)RealismItalian painter (Florence)
SALUCCI, Alessandro(1590-1655/60)BaroqueItalian painter (Rome)
SALUCCI, Giovanni(1769-1845)NeoclassicismItalian architect
SALVA, Pere(active 1300-1320)MedievalSpanish architect (Majorca)
SALVADOR CARMONA, Luis(1708-1767)BaroqueSpanish sculptor
SALVADOR CARMONA, Manuel(1734-1820) NeoclassicismSpanish graphic artist
SALVI, Francesco de' S (see SASSOFERRATO)(1609-1685)BaroqueItalian painter (Central Italy)
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