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DDORFFMEISTER, István(1741-1797)RococoHungarian painter
DORFFMEISTER, József(1764-1807)RococoHungarian painter
DORIGNY, Charles(d. 1551)Northern RenaissanceFrench painter (Fontainebleau)
DORIGNY, Louis(1654-1742)BaroqueFrench painter (Italy)
DORIGNY, Michel(1616-1665)BaroqueFrench graphic artist (Paris)
DORIGNY, Nicolas(c. 1658-1746)BaroqueFrench graphic artist (Paris)
DORRFMAISTER, Stephen (see DORFFMEISTER, István)(1741-1797)RococoHungarian painter
DOSIO, Giovanni Antonio(1533-1609)MannerismItalian architect
DOSSI, Battista(c. 1490-1548)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Ferrara)
DOSSI, Dosso(c. 1490-1542)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Ferrara)
DOTTI, Carlo Francesco(1669-1759)BaroqueItalian architect (Bologna)
DOU, Gerrit(1613-1675)BaroqueDutch painter (Leiden)
DOUANIER ROUSSEAU (see ROUSSEAU, Henri)(1844-1910)RealismFrench painter (Paris)
DOUFFET, Gérard(1594-1660)BaroqueFlemish painter
DOUVEN, Frans Bartholomeus(1688-after 1726f)BaroqueGerman painter (Düsseldorf)
DOUVEN, Jan Frans(1656-1727)BaroqueDutch painter (Düsseldorf)
DOUVERMAN, Hendrick(c. 1490-c. 1543)Northern RenaissanceNetherlandish sculptor (Kalkar)
DOWERMANN, Heinrich (see DOUVERMAN, Hendrick)(c. 1490-c. 1543)Northern RenaissanceNetherlandish sculptor (Kalkar)
DOWNMAN, John(1750-1824)RococoEnglish painter
DOYEN, Gabriel-François(1726-1806)BaroqueFrench painter
DRAKE, Johann Friedrich(1805-1882)RomanticismGerman sculptor
DRECHSLER, Johann Baptist(1756-1811)RococoAustrian painter (Vienna)
DREUX, Alfred de (see DEDREUX, Alfred)(1810-1860)RomanticismFrench painter (Paris)
DREVET, Pierre(1663-1738)BaroqueFrench graphic artist (Paris)
DREYER, Benedikt(active 1500-1525)Northern RenaissanceGerman sculptor (Lübeck)
DREYER, Dankvart(1816-1852)RomanticismDanish painter (Funen)
DROLLING, Martin(1752-1817)BaroqueFrench painter (Paris)
DROOCHSLOOT, Joost Cornelisz.(1586-1666)BaroqueDutch painter (Utrecht)
DROST, Willem(1633-1659)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
DROUAIS, François-Hubert(1727-1775)BaroqueFrench painter
DROUAIS, Jean-Germain(1763-1788)NeoclassicismFrench painter
DROUOT, Edouard(1859-1945)RealismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DU BROEUCQ, Jacques(c. 1505-1584)Northern RenaissanceFlemish sculptor (Mons)
DUBBELS, Hendrik Jakobsz.(1621-1707)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
DUBOIS, Ambroise(c. 1542-c. 1614)MannerismFrench painter (Fontainebleau)
DUBOIS, Fernand(1861-1939)Art NouveauBelgian goldsmith
DUBOIS, Jacques(1694-1763)BaroqueFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
DUBOIS, Paul(1829-1905)RealismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DUBOIS, René(1737-1799)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
DUBOIS-DRAHONET, Alexandre-Jean(1791-1829)NeoclassicismFrench painter
DUBOIS-PILLET, Albert(1846-1890)ImpressionismFrench painter
DUBORDIEU, Pieter(c. 1609-1678) BaroqueDutch painter (Leiden)
DUBOS, Marie-Jeanne Renard(b. 1701)RococoFrench graphic artist (Paris)
DUBREUIL, Toussaint(c. 1561-1602)MannerismFrench painter (Fontainebleau)
DUBROEUCQ, Jacques (see DU BROEUCQ, Jacques)(c. 1505-1584)Northern RenaissanceFlemish sculptor (Mons)
DUBUCAND, Alfred(1828-1894)RealismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DUBUFE, Claude-Marie(1790-1864)NeoclassicismFrench painter (Paris)
DUBUFE, Edouard(1820-1883)RomanticismFrench painter (Paris)
DUCA, Giacomo del(c. 1520-1604)MannerismItalian sculptor (Sicily)
DUCCIO di Buoninsegna(c. 1255-1319)MedievalItalian painter (Siena)
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