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FFRANCHOYS, Lucas the Elder (1574-1643)BaroqueFlemish painter (Mechelen)
FRANCHOYS, Lucas the Younger (1616-1681)BaroqueFlemish painter (Mechelen)
FRANCHOYS, Pieter(1606-1654)BaroqueFlemish painter (Mechelen)
FRANCIA, Francesco(1450-1517)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Bologna)
FRANCIABIGIO(c. 1482-1525)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Florence)
FRANCIOSINO (see CORDIER, Nicolas)(c. 1567-1612)BaroqueFrench sculptor (Rome)
FRANCK, Pauwels (see FIAMMINGO, Paolo)(c. 1540-1596)MannerismFlemish painter (Venice)
FRANCKEN, Ambrosius I(c. 1544-1618)MannerismFlemish painter (Antwerp)
FRANCKEN, Frans I(1542-1616)MannerismFlemish painter (Antwerp)
FRANCKEN, Frans II(1581-1642)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
FRANCKEN, Frans III(1607-1667)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
FRANCKEN, Hieronymus, I(c. 1540-1610)MannerismFlemish painter (Fontainebleau)
FRANCKEN, Hieronymus, II(1578-1623)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
FRANCKEN, Hieronymus, III(1611-after 1661)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
FRANCO, Battista(c. 1510-1561)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Venice)
FRANCO, Giacomo(1550-1620)MannerismItalian graphic artist (Venice)
FRANGIPANE, Niccolò(active 1563-1585)MannerismItalian painter (Marches)
FRANQUE, Jean-Pierre(1774-1860)RomanticismFrench painter
FRATELLINI, Giovanna(1666-1731)RococoItalian painter (Florence)
FRATIN, Christophe(1801-1864)RomanticismFrench sculptor
FREDIANI, Vincenzo di Antonio(active 1481-1505)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Lucca)
FREI, Sisto(active 1500-1515)High RenaissanceGerman sculptor (Italy)
FREUND, Hermann Ernst(1786-1840)RomanticismDanish sculptor
FREY, Johannes Jakob(1813-1865)RomanticismSwiss painter (Italy)
FRIEDRICH, Caspar David(1774-1840)RomanticismGerman painter
FRIES, Ernst(1801-1833)RomanticismGerman painter
FRIESEKE, Frederick Carl(1874-1939)ImpressionismAmerican painter (Giverny)
FRIESS, Joachim(c 1579-1620)BaroqueGerman goldsmith (Augsburg)
FRIGIMELICA, Girolamo(1653-1732)BaroqueItalian architect (Venice)
FRISIUS, Simon(c. 1580-1629)BaroqueDutch graphic artist
FROMANTIOU, Hendrick de(c. 1633-after 1693)BaroqueDutch painter
FROMENT, Nicolas(c. 1435-c. 1486)Northern RenaissanceFrench painter (Avignon)
FROMENTIN, Eugène(1820-1876)RealismFrench painter
FROST, William Edward(1810-1877)RomanticismEnglish painter (London)
FRUEAUF, Rueland the Elder(1440/45-1507)Northern RenaissanceAustrian painter
FRUEAUF, Rueland the Younger(c. 1470-c. 1545)Northern RenaissanceAustrian painter
FRYAZIN, Aleviz (see ALOISIO DA CARCANO)(active 1493-1516)Early RenaissanceItalian architect (Russia)
FRYAZIN, Bon(active 1493-1508)Northern RenaissanceItalian architect (Moscow)
FRYAZIN, Pyotr (see SOLARI, Pietro Antonio)(c. 1445-1493)Early RenaissanceItalian architect (Moscow)
FRYTOM, Frederik van(c. 1630-1702)BaroqueDutch potter (Delft)
FUGA, Ferdinando(1699-1781)BaroqueItalian architect
FUGER, Friedrich Heinrich (see FÜGER, Friedrich Heinrich)(1751-1818)NeoclassicismGerman miniaturist (Vienna)
FUHRICH, Joseph von (see FÜHRICH, Joseph von)(1800-1876)RomanticismBohemian painter
FUMIANI, Giovanni Antonio(c. 1645-1710)BaroqueItalian painter (Venice)
FUNGAI, Bernardino(1460-1516)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Siena)
FUNK, Hans(c. 1470-c. 1539)High RenaissanceSwiss glass painter (Zurich)
FURINI, Francesco(1603-1646)BaroqueItalian painter (Florence)
FURTENAGEL, Lukas(1505-c. 1546)MannerismGerman painter (Augsburg)
FUSELI, John Henry(1741-1825)RomanticismSwiss painter (England)
FYT, Jan(1611-1661)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
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