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MMASTER E.S.(active 1450-1467)Northern RenaissanceGerman graphic artist (Upper Rhine)
MASTER FRANCKE(early 15th cent.)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter (Hamburg)
MASTER FVB(active 1475-1500)Northern RenaissanceFlemish graphic artist (Bruges)
MASTER H.L.(active c. 1515-1526)Northern RenaissanceGerman sculptor (Upper Rhine)
MASTER HONORÉ(active 1285-1315)MedievalFrench illuminator (Paris)
MASTER I.P.(active 1420s)High RenaissanceGerman sculptor
MASTER IAM of Zwolle(active 1470-1495)Northern RenaissanceNetherlandish graphic artist (Zwolle)
MASTER M S(16th cent.)Northern RenaissanceHungarian painter
MASTER M Z(active 1500-1510)Northern RenaissanceGerman graphic artist
MASTER MATEO(active 1161-1217)MedievalSpanish sculptor
MASTER of 1310(active c. 1310)MedievalItalian painter (Pistoia)
MASTER of 1336(active 1301-1350)MedievalItalian painter (Pistoia)
MASTER of 1416(active c. 1410)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Florence)
MASTER of 1419 (see SANGUIGNI, Battista di Biagio)(b. ca. 1393)Early RenaissanceItalian illuminator (Florence)
MASTER of 1456(active 1450s)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter (Cologne)
MASTER of 1477(active 1470-1490)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter (Bavaria)
MASTER of 1540(active 1540s)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter (Antwerp)
MASTER of AB Monogram(active 1530s)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter (Saxony)
MASTER of AC Monogram(second half 16th cent.)MannerismFrench painter
MASTER of Afflighem Abbey (see MASTER of the Joseph Sequence)(active around 1500)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter (Brussels)
MASTER of Alkmaar(active c. 1500-1515)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter (Alkmaar)
MASTER of Avila(active 1475-1500)Early RenaissanceSpanish painter (Avila)
MASTER of Badia a Isola(active c. 1290-1320)MedievalItalian painter (Siena)
MASTER of Balaam(active 1440s)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter
MASTER of Bellaert(active 1483-1487)Northern RenaissanceNetherlandish graphic artist (Haarlem)
MASTER of Bigallo(active 1225-1255)MedievalItalian painter (Florence)
MASTER of Budapest(active c. 1500)Early RenaissanceSpanish painter (Castile)
MASTER of Cabestany(active 1130-1180)MedievalItalian sculptor
MASTER of Città di Castello(active 1305-1320)MedievalItalian painter (Siena)
MASTER of Eggenburg(active 1475-1500)Northern RenaissanceAustrian painter (Lower Austria)
MASTER of Elsloo(active 1510-1530)Northern RenaissanceNetherlandish sculptor (Limburg)
MASTER of Female Half-lengths(active 1530-1540)MannerismFlemish painter (Antwerp)
MASTER of Flémalle(c. 1375-1444)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter (Tournai)
MASTER of Flora(active 1555-1570)MannerismFrench painter (Fontainebleau)
MASTER of Frankfurt(1460-1533)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter (Antwerp)
MASTER of Heiligenkreuz(active early 1400s)Northern RenaissanceAustrian painter
MASTER of Hohenfurth(active 1350-70)MedievalBohemian painter (Prague)
MASTER of Hoogstraeten(active c. 1490-1530)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter
MASTER of Magdalen(active c. 1265-1290)MedievalItalian painter (Florence)
MASTER of Marradi(active 1490s)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Tuscany)
MASTER of Mary of Burgundy(active 1469-1483)Northern RenaissanceFlemish illuminator (Ghent)
MASTER of Monte Oliveto(active 1305-1335)MedievalItalian painter (Siena)
MASTER of Moulins(active 1480-1500)Northern RenaissanceFrench painter
MASTER of Pratovecchio(active 1435-1455)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Florence)
MASTER of Saint Cecilia(active 1300-1320)MedievalItalian painter (Florence)
MASTER of Saint Nicholas(active 1465-1500)Early RenaissanceSpanish painter (Burgos)
MASTER of Saint Verdiana (see MAZZA, Tommaso del)(active 1375-1391)MedievalItalian painter (Florence)
MASTER of Saint Veronica(active 1400-1420)Early RenaissanceGerman painter (Cologne)
MASTER of San Francesco Bardi(active 1240-1270)MedievalItalian painter (Florence)
MASTER of San Lucchese(active 1340-1370)MedievalItalian painter
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