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DDAUM, Antonin(1864-1930)Art NouveauFrench glass painter (Nancy)
DAUMIER, Honoré(1808-1879)RomanticismFrench painter
DAUPHIN, Charles(c. 1615-1677)BaroqueItalian painter (Turin)
DAUTHE, Johann Carl Friedrich(1746- 1816)NeoclassicismGerman architect (Leipzig)
DAUZATS, Adrien(1804-1868)RomanticismFrench painter
DAVENT, Léon(active 1540-1556)Northern RenaissanceFrench graphic artist
DAVID d'Angers(1788-1856)NeoclassicismFrench sculptor
DAVID, Gerard(c. 1460-1523)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter (Bruges)
DAVID, Jérôme(c. 1605-c. 1670)BaroqueFrench graphic artist
DAVID, Jacques-Louis(1748-1825)NeoclassicismFrench painter
DAVID, Ludovico Antonio(1648-after 1709)BaroqueItalian painter (Rome)
DAVIS, Richard Barrett(1782-1854)RomanticismEnglish painter (London)
DAWE, George(1781-1829)RomanticismEnglish painter (St. Petersburg)
DE BAY, Jean(1802-1862)RomanticismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DE BAY, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph(1779-1863)RomanticismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DE CORTE, Josse(1627-1679)BaroqueFlemish sculptor (Venice)
DE FABRIS, Emilio(1808-1883)RealismItalian architect (Florence)
DEÁK-ÉBNER, Lajos(1850-1934)RealismHungarian painter
DEBAY, Jean (see DE BAY, Jean)(1802-1862)RomanticismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DEBAY, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph (see DE BAY, Jean-Baptiste-Joseph)(1779-1863)RomanticismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DEBUCOURT, Philibert-Louis(1755-1832)RococoFrench painter (Paris)
DEBUT, Marcel(1865-1933)RealismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DECAMPS, Alexandre Gabriel(1803-1860)RomanticismFrench painter
DECKER, Coenraet(1651-1685)BaroqueDutch graphic artist
DECKER, Cornelis Gerritsz(1618-1678)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
DECKER, Paul the Elder(1677-1713)BaroqueGerman architect (Nuremberg)
DEDREUX, Alfred(1810-1860)RomanticismFrench painter (Paris)
DEFERNEX, Jean-Baptiste(c. 1729-1783)RococoFrench sculptor (Paris)
DEGAS, Edgar(1834-1917)ImpressionismFrench painter (Paris)
DEGEN, Endris II(active 1555-1583)MannerismGerman goldsmith (Augsburg)
DEGLER, Hans(1564-1637)BaroqueGerman sculptor
DEGOUVE DE NUNCQUES, William(1867-1935)ImpressionismBelgian painter
DEL COUR, Jean (see DELCOUR, Jean)(1631-1707)BaroqueFlemish sculptor (Liège)
DEL FORA, Gherardo di Giovanni (see GHERARDO DI GIOVANNI DEL FORA)(c. 1445-1497)Early RenaissanceItalian illuminator (Florence)
DELABRIERRE, Paul Edouard(1829-1912)RealismFrench sculptor (Paris)
DELACROIX, Eugène(1798-1863)RomanticismFrench painter
DELAFOSSE, Jean-Charles(1734-1789)NeoclassicismFrench architect (Paris)
DELAISTRE, François-Nicolas(1746-1832)NeoclassicismFrench sculptor
DELAMAIR, Pierre-Alexis(c. 1676-1745)BaroqueFrench architect (Paris)
DELANE, Solomon(c. 1727-1812)RococoIrish painter (Dublin)
DELAPORTE, Henri-Horace Roland (see ROLAND DE LA PORTE, Henri-Horace)(1724-1793)NeoclassicismFrench painter (Paris)
DELAROCHE, Hippolyte (see DELAROCHE, Paul)(1797-1856)RomanticismFrench painter
DELAROCHE, Paul(1797-1856)RomanticismFrench painter
DELAUNAY, Nicolas (see LAUNAY, Nicolas de)(1739-1792)RococoFrench graphic artist (Paris)
DELAVALLÉE, Henri(1862-1943)ImpressionismFrench painter (Pont Aven)
DELCOUR, Jean(1631-1707)BaroqueFlemish sculptor (Liège)
DELEMER, Jean(active mid 15th century)Northern RenaissanceFlemish sculptor (Tournai)
DELEN, Dirck van(1604/5-1671)BaroqueDutch painter
DELESPINE, Jean(1505-1576)Northern RenaissanceFrench architect (Angers)
DELFF, Cornelis Jacobsz(c. 1570-1643)BaroqueDutch painter (Delft)
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