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BBOUTS, Dieric the Younger(c. 1448-1491)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter (Leuven)
BOUWENS, François Jean(1800-1865)NeoclassicismBelgian architect (Mechelen)
BOUYS, André(1656-1740)BaroqueFrench painter (Paris)
BOUZONNET-STELLA, Claudine(1636-1697)BaroqueFrench graphic artist (Paris)
BOYER, Michel(1668-1724)BaroqueFrench painter (Paris)
BOYLE, Richard, 3rd Earl of Burlington(1694-1753)BaroqueEnglish architect (London)
BOYS, Thomas Shotter(1803-1874)RomanticismEnglish graphic artist (London)
BOYTAC, Diogo (see BOITAC, Diogo)(c. 1460-c. 1528)MedievalPortuguese architect
BOYVIN, René(c. 1525-c. 1625)MannerismFrench graphic artist
BOZE, Joseph(1745-1826)RococoFrench painter (Paris)
BRACCESCO, Carlo(active 1478-1501)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Liguria)
BRACCI, Pietro(1700-1773)BaroqueItalian sculptor (Rome)
BRACQUEMOND, Marie(1840-1916)ImpressionismFrench painter
BRAEU, Nicolaes(active c. 1586-1600)MannerismNetherlandish graphic artist (Haarlem)
BRAKENBURG, Richard(1650-1702)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
BRÄM, Leonhard I(d. 1565)MannerismSwiss goldsmith (Zurich)
BRAMANTE, Donato(1444-1514)Early RenaissanceItalian architect (Milan)
BRAMANTINO(c. 1465-1530)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Lombardy)
BRAMBILLA, Ambrogio(active 1579–1599)MannerismItalian graphic artist (Rome)
BRAMER, Leonaert(1596-1674)BaroqueDutch painter (Delft)
BRAND, Christian Hilfgott(1694-1756)RococoAustrian painter (Vienna)
BRAND, Johann Christian(1722-1795)RococoAustrian painter (Vienna)
BRANDI, Domenico(1683-1736)BaroqueItalian painter (Naples)
BRANDI, Giacinto(1621-1691)BaroqueItalian painter
BRANT, Sebastian(1457-1521)Northern RenaissanceGerman graphic artist
BRAY, Dirck de(active 1651-1678)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
BRAY, Jan de(c. 1627-1697)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
BRAY, Joseph de(1628/34-1664)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
BRAY, Salomon de(1597-1664)BaroqueDutch painter (Haarlem)
BREA, Louis(c. 1450-c. 1523)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Nice)
BRECK, John Leslie(1860-1899)ImpressionismAmerican painter
BREDAEL, Jan Frans van(1686-1750)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
BREDAEL, Joseph van(1688-1739)BaroqueFlemish painter
BREEN, Adam van(c. 1585-c. 1642)BaroqueDutch painter (Norway)
BREEN, Gillis van(active 1595-1622)BaroqueDutch graphic artist (Haarlem)
BREENBERGH, Bartholomeus(1598/1600-1657)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
BREGHTEL, Hans Conraedt(c. 1608-1675)BaroqueGerman goldsmith (The Hague)
BREGNO, Andrea(1418-1503)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor
BREGNO, Antonio(active 1425-1457)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor
BREGNO, Giovanni Battista(c. 1472-c. 1518)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor
BREITNER, George Hendrik(1857-1923)ImpressionismDutch painter (Amsterdam)
BREKELENKAM, Quiringh van(active c. 1647-1668)BaroqueDutch painter (Leiden)
BRENDEL, Johann Gottlob David(1753-1803)RococoGerman architect
BRENNA, Vincenzo(1745-1820)NeoclassicismItalian architect (Moscow)
BRESCIANINO delle Battaglie (see MONTI, Francesco)(1646-1703)BaroqueItalian painter
BRESCIANINO, Andrea del(active 1506-1525)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Siena)
BRESOLIN, Domenico(c. 1815-c. 1899)RealismItalian painter (Venice)
BRETON, Jules(1827-1906)RealismFrench painter
BREU, Jörg the Elder(1475/76-1537)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter (Augsburg)
BREU, Jörg the Younger(c. 1510-1547)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter (Augsburg)
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