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Profession: cabinet-maker

BBÉFORT, Mathieu(1813-1880)BaroqueFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
BOUDIN, Léonard(1735-1803)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
BOULLE, André-Charles(1642-1732)BaroqueFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
BRUSTOLON, Andrea(1662-1732)BaroqueItalian cabinet-maker (Venice)
BUHL, André-Charles (see BOULLE, André-Charles)(1642-1732)BaroqueFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
CCARLIN, Martin(c. 1730-1785)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
CRESSENT, Charles(1685-1768)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
CRIAERD, Matthieu(c. 1689-1776)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
DDASSON, Henri(1825-1896)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
DOOMER, Herman(c. 1595-1650)BaroqueDutch cabinet-maker (Amsterdam)
DUBOIS, Jacques(1694-1763)BaroqueFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
DUBOIS, René(1737-1799)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
GGAUDREAUS, Antoine-Robert(c. 1682-1746)BaroqueFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
JJACOB, Georges(1739-1814)NeoclassicismFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
JOUBERT, Gilles(1689-1775)BaroqueFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
LLACROIX, Roger (see VANDERCRUSE, Roger)(1728-1799)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
MMEKEREN, Jan van(1658-1733)BaroqueDutch cabinet-maker
MIGEON, Pierre II(1701-1758)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
MOLITOR, Bernard(1755-1810)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
OOPPENORDT, Alexandre-Jean(1639-1715)BaroqueFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
PPIONIEZ, Pierre(1731-1790)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
POOL, Matthys(1676-c. 1732)BaroqueDutch cabinet-maker (Amsterdam)
RRIESENER, Jean-Henri(1754-1806)NeoclassicismGerman cabinet-maker (Paris)
RUCKERS, Hans the Elder(c. 1545-1598)MannerismFlemish cabinet-maker (Antwerp)
SSORMANI, Paul(1817-1877)RomanticismFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
VVANDERCRUSE, Roger(1728-1799)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
WWEISWEILER, Adam(1744-1820)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)

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