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IIBBETSON, Julius Caesar(1759-1817)RococoEnglish painter
IBI, Sinibaldo(c. 1475-c. 1550)High RenaissanceItalian painter (Perugia)
IJKENS, Frans (see YKENS, Frans)(1601-c. 1692)BaroqueFlemish painter
IL PELA (see LAMBERTI, Niccolň di Piero)(1370-1451)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor (Florence)
IMPERIALI, Francesco (see FERNANDI, Francesco)(1679-1740)BaroqueItalian painter (Rome)
INDUNO, Gerolamo(1825-1890)RealismItalian painter (Milan)
INGLÉS, Jorge(active 1450s)Early RenaissanceSpanish painter (Castile)
INGRES, Jean-Auguste-Dominique(1780-1867)NeoclassicismFrench painter
INNESS, George(1825-1894)RealismAmerican painter
INWOOD, William(1766-1843)NeoclassicismEnglish architect (London)
IRIARTE, Ignacio de(1621-1670)BaroqueSpanish painter (Seville)
ISABEY, Eugčne(1803-1886)RomanticismFrench painter
ISABEY, Jean-Baptist(1767-1855)RomanticismFrench miniaturist
ISAIA DA PISA(active 1447–1464)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor (Rome)
ISENBRANT, Adriaen(c. 1490-1551)Northern RenaissanceFlemish painter (Bruges)
ISRAELS, Isaac Lazarus(1865-1934)ImpressionismDutch painter (Amsterdam)
ISRAËLS, Jozef(1824-1911)ImpressionismDutch painter (The Hague)
ITTENBACH, Franz(1813-1879)Realismgerman painter
IVÁNYI GRÜNWALD, Béla(1867-1940)ImpressionismHungarian painter
IVERNY, Jacques(active c. 1411-1435)Northern RenaissanceFrench painter
IVES, Chauncey Bradley(1810-1894)RealismAmerican sculptor (Rome)
IXNARD, Pierre-Michel d'(1723-1795)NeoclassicismFrench architect (Southern Germany)

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