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QQUADAL, Martin Ferdinand(1736-1808)RococoOther painter
QUADRO, Giovanni Baptista(d. 1590)MannerismItalian architect (Poland)
QUAGLIO, Domenico(1787-1837)RomanticismItalian painter (Munich)
QUARENGHI, Giacomo(1744-1817)NeoclassicismItalian architect (St. Petersburg)
QUARTI, Eugenio(1867-1929)Art NouveauItalian cabinet-maker (Milan)
QUARTON, Enguerrand (see CHARONTON, Enguerrand)(c. 1410-c. 1466)Northern RenaissanceFrench painter (Avignon)
QUAST, Pieter Jansz.(c. 1605-1647)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
QUEIROLO, Francesco(1704-1762)BaroqueItalian sculptor (Naples)
QUELLIN, Artus I (see QUELLINUS, Artus I)(1609-1668)BaroqueFlemish sculptor (Antwerp)
QUELLIN, Artus II (see QUELLINUS, Artus II)(1625-Truiden-1700)BaroqueFlemish sculptor (Antwerp)
QUELLIN, Erasmus II (see QUELLINUS, Erasmus II)(1607-1678)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
QUELLIN, Jan-Erasmus (see QUELLINUS, Jan-Erasmus)(1634-1715)BaroqueFlemish painter
QUELLINUS, Artus I(1609-1668)BaroqueFlemish sculptor (Antwerp)
QUELLINUS, Artus II(1625-Truiden-1700)BaroqueFlemish sculptor (Antwerp)
QUELLINUS, Erasmus II(1607-1678)BaroqueFlemish painter (Antwerp)
QUELLINUS, Jan-Erasmus(1634-1715)BaroqueFlemish painter
QUERCIA, Jacopo della(c. 1367-1438)Early RenaissanceItalian sculptor (Siena)
QUERCIA, Priamo della(doc. 1426-1467)Early RenaissanceItalian painter (Siena)
QUERFURT, August(1696-1761)BaroqueGerman painter (Vienna)
QUESNEL, François(1543-1619)MannerismFrench painter
QUESTEL, Charles-Auguste(1807-1888)NeoclassicismFrench architect
QUESTIERS, Catharina(1631-1669)BaroqueDutch graphic artist (Amsterdam)
QUILLARD, Pierre-Antoine(c. 1700-1733)RococoFrench painter (Lisbon)
QUINSA, Giovanni(active c. 1640)BaroqueSpanish painter (Naples)
QUINSAC-MONVOISIN, Raymond (see MONVOISIN, Raymond Auguste Quinsac)(1794-1870)RomanticismFrench painter
QUINTIJN, Gillis(c. 1590-c. 1635)BaroqueDutch graphic artist

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