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WWAAL, Cornelis de (see WAEL, Cornelis de)(1592-1667)BaroqueFlemish painter (Rome)
WAEL, Cornelis de(1592-1667)BaroqueFlemish painter (Rome)
WAGNER, Joseph(1706-1780)BaroqueGerman graphic artist (Venice)
WAGNER, Veit(active 1492-1520)Northern RenaissanceGerman sculptor (Strasbourg)
WAHL, Johann Salomon(1689-1765)RococoGerman painter (Copenhagen)
WAILLY, Charles de(1729-1798)NeoclassicismFrench architect (Paris)
WAITT, Richard(active 1706-1732)BaroqueScottish painter
WALDMÜLLER, Fedinand Georg(1793-1865)RomanticismAustrian painter (Vienna)
WALKER, George(1781-1856)RomanticismEnglish graphic artist
WALKER, Robert(1599-1658)BaroqueEnglish painter
WALPOLE, Horace(1717-1797)NeoclassicismEnglish architect (London)
WALS, Goffredo(c. 1600-c. 1639)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter (Italy)
WALSCAPELLE, Jacob van(1644-1727)BaroqueDutch painter
WALSCHARTZ, François(c. 1596-c. 1678)BaroqueFlemish painter (Liège)
WALTHER, Friedrich(c. 1440-c. 1495)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter
WALTON, Edward Arthur(1860-1922)ImpressionismScottish painter (Glasgow)
WARD, James(1769-1859)RomanticismEnglish painter
WARE, Isaac(1704-1766)RococoEnglish architect
WARIN, Jean(1607-1672)BaroqueFrench sculptor
WASMANN, Friedrich(1805-1886)RomanticismGerman painter
WATERHOUSE, John William(1849-1917)RealismEnglish painter
WATERLOO, Anthonie(1609-1690)BaroqueDutch painter
WATSON, John (see GORDON, John Watson)(1788-1864)RealismScottish painter (Edinburgh)
WATTEAU, Jean-Antoine(1684-1721)RococoFrench painter (Paris)
WATTEAU, Louis-Joseph(1731-1798)RococoFrench painter (Paris)
WATTS, Frederick Waters(1800-1870)RealismEnglish painter (London)
WEBB, James(c. 1825-1895)RealismEnglish painter (London)
WEBBER, John(1751-1793)RococoEnglish painter (London)
WEBER, Giovanni Zanobio(1737-1806)NeoclassicismItalian sculptor (Florence)
WEBER, Henrik(1818-1866)RomanticismHungarian painter (Pest)
WEEKES, Henry(1807-1877)NeoclassicismEnglish sculptor (London)
WEEKS, Edwin Lord(1849-1903)RomanticismAmerican painter
WEENIX, Jan(1642-1719)BaroqueDutch painter (Amsterdam)
WEENIX, Jan Baptist(1621-1660)BaroqueDutch painter (Rome)
WEIDITZ, Christoph(c. 1500-1559)Northern RenaissanceGerman sculptor
WEINBRENNER, Johann Jakob Friedrich(1766-1826)NeoclassicismGerman architect (Karlsruhe)
WEINMANN, Johann Wilhelm(1683-1741)BaroqueGerman graphic artist
WEIR, Julian Alden(1852-1919)ImpressionismAmerican painter
WEISGERBER, Albert(1878-1915)ImpressionismGerman painter (Munich)
WEISS, Bartholomeus Ignaz(c. 1740-1814)RococoGerman painter (Munich)
WEISSENBRUCH, Jan Hendrik(1824-1903)ImpressionismDutch painter (The Hague)
WEISWEILER, Adam(1744-1820)RococoFrench cabinet-maker (Paris)
WELSCH, Maximilian von(1671-1745)BaroqueGerman architect
WENTZINGER, Johann Christian(1710-1797)RococoGerman sculptor (Breisgau)
WERENSKIOLD, Erik(1855-1938)ImpressionismNorwegian painter
WERFF, Adriaen van der(1659-1722)BaroqueDutch painter (Rotterdam)
WERFF, Pieter van der(1665-1722)BaroqueDutch painter (Rotterdam)
WERNER, Joseph the Younger(1637-1710)BaroqueSwiss painter
WERTINGER, Hans(c. 1465-1533)Northern RenaissanceGerman painter (Landshut)
WESEL, Adriaen van(c. 1417-1499)Northern RenaissanceNetherlandish sculptor (Utrecht)
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