CANO, Alonso
(b. 1601, Granada, d. 1667, Granada)

Noli me Tangere

c. 1640
Oil on canvas, 141,5 x 109,5 cm
Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapest

Cano was a painter, sculptor and architect and worked for varying periods in nearly every large town in Spain - Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Toledo. His oeuvre is very rich, though more restricted in range than that of Velázquez or Murillo, for he painted almost exclusively religious subjects, keeping strictly to the accepted ecclesiastical tradition.

Cano never went to Italy but was strongly influenced by the Italian masterpieces in the Spanish royal collection. The composition of Noli me Tangere owes much to the inspiration of Correggio's painting of the same subject, which was in Madrid at that time, and the colouring shows the influence of Venetian masters, especially Titian.