LEMOYNE, Jean-Baptiste I
(b. 1679, Paris, d. 1731, Paris)

The Death of Hippolytus

Marble, height 49 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris

Beside Jean-Louis Lemoyne and his son Jean-Baptiste II, Jean-Louis' brother, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne I is a very minor, even short-lived figure. It was he who began the Baptism of Christ (Paris, Saint-Roch), which must however be largely his nephew's work, for at his death in 1731 he had done no more than sketch out the St John. The only other surviving identifiable work by him is his morceau de reception, presented tardily in 1715, of the Death of Hippolytus. This dramatic, Baroque piece is rather awkwardly handled, but shows something of his nephew's talent for bravura effect. It pays tribute to the significant and pervasive influence of Rubens in the early years of the century.