(active 1180s in Monreale)

Sanctuary with main apse

Cathedral, Monreale

The mosaics cover the upper portions of the walls of the sanctuary and the nave. The focus of the multifigured program is the main apse calotte with its half-figure of Christ Pantocrator, which far surpasses all the other figures in style. The main motif in the lower part of the apse is an enthroned Madonna and Child between archangels and apostles. This refers to the fact that she is the cathedral's patron. The decor in the south and north side chapels (St Peter Chapel and St Paul Chapel) reflects their respective patronages. The apse calottes hold large enthroned images of the apostles Peter and Paul, and the walls present scenes from their lives.

An extensive cycle on the life of Christ unfolds in three registers across the walls of the crossing and the transepts, beginning with the Annunciation and ending with the miracle of the Pentecost. Added to this are saints and prophets in full figure and as half-figures in medallions.

The mosaic decoration continues in the nave. Here the primary source was the book of Genesis, the depiction of which encompasses forty-two scenes in two registers, accompanied by a frieze of angels, across the walls of the centre aisle. The narrative extends from the Creation to Jacob's wrestling with the angel, and it begins on the south wall next to the crossing.