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Yikes! This is absolutely magnificent, artstounding, if you will. How I have roamed the library for hours to find just the correct picture and here you are. Former teacher of 35 years.

Tom Bolt,
Midland, Michigan, United States
October 15, 2017

it's a good resource of art pictures, and help me to knonw more about the arts and the art history.

vivian chen,
beijing, beijing, china
October 13, 2017

"Vita brevis, ars longa, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile."

N.Zlateva- niiaz z zlateva,
Spain, Spain, Spain
September 26, 2017

Useful site for a student in art history. Thank you.

Peter Csapas,
Ithaca, NY, USA
September 18, 2017

Tisztelt Krén Emil és Marx Dániel! A WGA rendszeres látogatója vagyok.Rendkívüli munkájukért nagy köszönettel tartozom. Sajnálattal tapasztalom, hogy jelenleg nem mûködik a keresõ. Kérdésem az, hogy mikorra várható a helyreállítás? Üdvözlettel: Dr. Bagi Mária

Dr. Bagi Mária,
September 3, 2017

On the first time visit itself to your web gallery best impression I have formed on it. Amazing collection and to spend one's leisure visiting it has two purpose - one : time simply flies and second : knowledge one gets to know. I have it bookmarked. Thanks for your entire team and staff.

R Vasudevan,
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
August 14, 2017

What a wonderful place to go and visit, love your website.

Connie Ochieng,
Tyler, Texas, USA
August 5, 2017

The sign of that singing. And so my desire appears, near a shadow, to call the atmosphere and the inner concept now describing a picture. Francesco Sinibaldi

Francesco Sinibaldi

August 1, 2017

Proud to say the talented Veit Stoss was one of my ancestors. Wish I was able to travel and see the high alter of St Mary's. ~ Mary Stoss

Mary Stoss,
St Paul, MN, United States
July 29, 2017

A wonderful collection of Art from the Masters of painting.

Santos, SP, Brasil
July 27, 2017

Great source for art. Thanks

steve gibson,
Ponchatoula, La, USA
July 25, 2017

I am a college student taking an art class ,your site helped me to easily find the artist and works I was looking for Thanks

June 23, 2017


June 17, 2017


Jared Ratliff,
Rosedale, Virginia, United States
June 9, 2017

All things are possible with all that you make available.Cheers!

Mr Collins
Coventry, England
June 7, 2017

That's great website!

Erdélyi Gábor,
Budapest, Hungary
June 5, 2017

I keep coming back to this site again and again. Whether it's for my school assignments, for personal research, or personal enjoyment, this website is a treasure =) Thank you so much for your hard work and thank you for existing!

San Francisco, CA, USA
May 25, 2017

HI I has a MADONNA INTHE GARDEN. ARTIS name lockness stefan make 1450.Im not to sure I'm got right one or not pls help

Anaheim , Ca, USA
May 23, 2017

HI I has a MADONNA INTHE GARDEN. ARTIS name lockness stefan make 1450.Im not to sure I'm got right one or not pls help

Anaheim , Ca, USA
May 23, 2017

Absolutely a pleasure in all regards utilising the site. Thank You Henry Hriczko

CORONA, California, United States
May 20, 2017

The gallery is very good but there is a few problems in the site, like the search bar(text) that doesn't exist, you should add this option.

Vinicius Costa,
Palmas, Tocantins, Brasil
May 11, 2017

This is one of the best things ever created on the internet. :) Art is life!!

Isabela Rosario Santos de Oliveira,
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
May 10, 2017

Adding to the guest book site's eye opening thank you

Christopher warner
Lisle, Il, United states
May 3, 2017


Kalu Ogbu Kalu,
Lome, Togo West Africa
April 26, 2017

Thank you very much for this beautiful site.

Rob Alla,
Montréal, Québec, Canada
April 19, 2017

Great image collection!!! Thank you for providing this!

Letícia Garcia,
Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brasil
April 18, 2017

This is a delightful site. I enjoy the music and the art very much. Thank you for creating something so beautiful.

EstherSylvia Firlej-Perisin,
Chicago, IL, United States
April 16, 2017

I really enjoy the article post. Cool. bdfkbekfkedc

Johne320, USA
Oakland, VA, USA
April 16, 2017

Useful pages!

Peter Csapas,
Ithaca, NY, USA
April 12, 2017

Your site is so useful and delightful that I am surprised that the total of cards sent is so small !

Michael Cunington,
London, England
March 29, 2017

Hi..! For the wonderful and biggest gallery !

Buggiano, Italy
March 28, 2017

So much fun & facts :) For that, thank You thousand times!

, Poland
March 26, 2017

C'est si bon.

David Siira,
Motala, Sweden
March 22, 2017


Selena Rosales, 402 South Dodson Drive, 14
Urbana, IL, United States
March 17, 2017

Fantastic resource! My highest compliments and praise! Thank you!

Marc Leone,
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
March 11, 2017

It would be very nice to have thumbnails within the alphabetical listing but I am grateful for the work you have put into this site. Thank you.

Uriel Dana,
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
March 8, 2017

As a simple art’s fan art I know of your site for many years (I discovered it in the late 90’s): it’s really very nice, interesting, well done, continually updated: my best compliments!

Rome, Italy
March 7, 2017

Nice site!

Joe Goebells,
San Fran, CA, USA
February 25, 2017

Teşekkür ederim, emeğiniz için.

ANKARA, Türkiye
February 23, 2017

Great site! Thanks for it.

Peter Anton,
Miami, Florida, US
February 16, 2017

very neat site! The world wide web is full of surprises!

eli wengrin,
Stockton, CA, United States
February 13, 2017

I am very delighted to find this online art gallery! And the classical music accompaniment is such a wonderful bonus. Thank you very much!

Leo Espinoza,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
February 13, 2017

This site is amazing, a real piece of art.

Lucship McD,
Sumaré, SP, Brasil
February 7, 2017


Zvone Filipovič,
Ljubljana, Slovenija
February 6, 2017

I came here just for digital copies of paintings. I was amazed by the thoroughness of this site.

, New York, United States
February 3, 2017

I'm so glad I found this site and this could be the place I'll run to when I feel like I'm lacking. I'm a poet, been curious about art, own a quite miserable dull life, yet this place serve deepness. Much love.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia
January 27, 2017

This is my destination when I want to escape from the world. Thanks a lot for your efforts.

Kevin Hani,
Cairo, Egypt
January 12, 2017

I just couldn't go away your web site before suggesting that I really enjoyed the usual information an individual provide on your visitors? Is gonna be again continuously in order to check up on new posts ckdkadecaedd

Johng225, USA
Oakland, VA, USA
January 9, 2017

I love this website, ... I have searched for an engraver with name Theodorus de Bry...but I could not find anything from him here..maybe some will have..

Mette Pellerud,
Kongsvinger, Norge, Norge
January 6, 2017

Happy new year I have 3 diploma and I a German artist in Monaco, where I create style, chandons, poems, operetts , consulting aso Look for a finance, curator or maezen Only correct serious without crime Regards Reni von Bifamo

reni von bifamo,
Monaco, Monaco, Monaco
January 2, 2017

This is one of the greatest page I saw ever.

Maria Faustyna Bielawski
Warsaw, Mazowsze, Poland
January 1, 2017

wonderful, wonderful site.

Jong Kook Kim,
seoul, korea
January 1, 2017

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