(active 1311-1349 in Siena)

Monument to Bishop Guido Tarlati

c. 1330
Duomo, Arezzo

The influence of Tino di Camaino is apparent in the work of Agostino di Giovanni and Agnolo di Ventura, who were probably active in Siena while Tino was Capomaestro of the Cathedral. Their principal surviving work, the Tarlati monument in the Duomo at Arezzo, was executed in the same bracket of years as Tino's Mary of Valois monument in Naples. But whereas the the Mary of Valois monument has its place in the context of court art, the Tarlati monument belongs in the democratic tradition of Tuscan sculpture. Lacking the refinement and elegance of Tino's tomb, it celebrates in simple, graphic style Tarlati's administration.