ALBANI, Francesco
(b. 1578, Bologna, d. 1660, Bologna)

The Four Elements: Earth

Oil on canvas, diameter 180 cm
Galleria Sabauda, Turin

Although in Rome Albani worked for Guido Reni in the chapel of the Quirinal Palace, he remained in these years essentially devoted to Domenichino's type of classicism. Even before returning to Bologna, his special gift led him towards light-hearted and appealing representations of myth and allegory in landscape settings of the sort that is perhaps best exemplified by the Four Elements in Turin, painted in 1626-28.

In the allegory of Earth, the ancient earth goddess Berecynthia, crowned and holding a globe, rides in a lion-drawn chariot. She is accompanied by Flora, Ceres and Bacchus, surrounding them are cupids carrying out various agricultural tasks.