(active 1343-1377, Firenze)


Tempera on wood, 33 x 22 cm
Pinacoteca, Vatican

In the centre of the small panel, Christ hangs on the cross, which is marked "I.N.R.I." His head hangs onto his right shoulder and shows the marks from the crown of thorns, with blood oozing from his wounds. The figure of Christ on the cross is very similar to that in the fresco of the Crucifixion in the Spanish Chapel in S. Maria Novella in Florence, dated 1566—68 and also executed by Andrea da Firenze.

Mary stands to the left of the cross, her hands joined in a mournful gesture, gazing at her son. The figure of Saint John the Evangelist at the right is depicted in a slightly more active posture of mourning than the motionless Virgin. He has his hands joined in front of his chest, and his look toward Christ expresses sorrow and disbelief. A Dominican friar kneels at the foot of the cross, embracing it, while his lips appear to be kissing the feet of Christ.

Two angels are at either side of the cross; they also mourn. The left angel has covered his face with part of his garment, and the right angel is supporting his head with his hand. Angels that are able to express emotions first appear in works by Giotto. Their depiction soon became very popular in trecento painting.