ANGELI, Giuseppe
(b. 1712, Venezia, d. 1798, Venezia)

The Sacrifice of Iphigenia

Villa Widmann, Mira

The two large scenes that extend between the doors on the walls in the ballroom are taken from Greek mythology and depict The Sacrifice of Iphigenia and The Abduction of Helen.

The Sacrifice of Iphigenia shows the moment when the priest is about to inflict the mortal knife blow upon Agamemnon's young daughter, who is condemned to be sacrificed to Diana to atone for the insult to the goddess caused by Agamemnon, who killed her sacred stag during a hunt. At the last moment, the goddess, moved by the young girl's tragic fate, has a stag descend from the sky to be sacrificed in place of Iphigenia, who in turn will become one of Diana's priestesses.