(b. ca. 1425, Leipzig, d. 1480, Meissen)

General view

Residenzschloss, Dresden

Dresden Castle (Dresdner Residenzschloss) is one of the oldest buildings in Dresden, Germany. For almost 400 years, it was the residence of the electors (1547-1806) and kings (1806-1918) of Saxony. Most of the castle was reduced to a roofless shell during the February 13, 1945 bombing of Dresden in World War II. Restoration began in the 1960s and it was completed in 2013.

The original castle was a Romanesque keep, built around 1200. From 1468 until 1480, the keep was extended by the master builder, Arnold von Westfalen (Arnold of Westphalia), becoming an enclosed four-wing construction. In the middle of the 16th century, an addition was added in the Renaissance style.

The photo shows Dresden Castle viewed from the Zwinger.