(b. ca. 1330, Siena, d. ca. 1410, Siena)

The Annunciation to Joachim

c. 1383
Tempera and gold on wood, 25 x 37 cm
Pinacoteca, Vatican

This small panel was one of a polyptych from the life of the Virgin. It was a commission granted to Bartolo di Fredi by the Company of Saint Peter on May 9, 1585, for the Chapel of the Annunciation in the Church of S. Francesco in Montalcino, where the artist had already painted other works. The polyptych has since been broken up, and parts of it can be seen in various museums.

This small panel portrays Saint Joachim in a mountainous setting. The angel Gabriel has come to bring him the news that his wife, Saint Anne, will bear a child. On the right side there are two shepherds near their flock, one of whom holds a bagpipe.