(b. ca. 1737, Dol'skoye, d. 1799, St. Petersburg)

Exterior view

Pashkov Palace, Moscow

The city palace of the Pashkov family, built on sloping ground opposite the Kremlin, is one of the highlights of Neoclassical architecture in Moscow. Here Bazhenov sought to relate the building to its immediate environment. An unusual feature of the building is the fact that the entrance is on the courtyard side while the garden side towards the street acts as the main façade. The elevated central section is connected to side wings, each of two floors, by galleries of a single floor. A portico of four Corinthian columns with statues screens the two upper floors of the main building, which is surmounted by a balustrade with vases and crowned with a belvedere. The façades of the side wings feature Ionic gabled porticos.

The photo shows the garden side of the palace.